A Dubious Top 10 Ranking For Wisconsin

We recently shared some information about where our state ranks among others in a particularly troubling category.

As reported by WAOW, “a report by Zutobi found that Wisconsin is number 10 in the nation for driving under the influence.”

Let’s take a look at what this ranking means and what it doesn’t mean.

It Means We Need To Do Better

This top 10 ranking is a reflection of our state’s drinking culture. As the Director of Transportation Safety at the Wisconsin DOT said, “Wisconsin has a strong tradition or culture of drinking and it’s a problem.”

It Doesn’t Mean We Really Drink More Than 40 States

It would be difficult to rank in the top 10 for driving under the influence if people are not drinking, but enforcement is another factor. There could be states with lax enforcement that actually have more tipsy drivers behind the wheel. Speaking of enforcement…

It Means Law Enforcement Is Enforcing OWI

If you had any doubt about whether law enforcement officers are looking for drivers operating under the influence (OWI), our state’s top 10 ranking should remove all doubt. Speaking of doubt, if you have any doubt at all about whether you are safe to drive home, you are far better off safe than sorry. Call a cab, get an Uber, hitch a ride with a friend or just walk home.

If you face OWI charges you can turn to our experienced Madison attorneys for a science-based approach to your defense. Seeking the advice of an attorney could mean the difference between a dismissal and a conviction.