A mistake could lead to shoplifting charges

You’re shopping for a new shirt. While looking at the options in the store, you decide you need to use the restroom. Without thinking about it, you walk into the bathroom with the shirt tucked under your arm.

Or, maybe you forget to pick up a basket at the front of the store. You have a few more things to grab after you find the shirt that you want, so you stuff it into your backpack. You plan to pay for it, but you need your hands free to carry your other items to the checkout.

Maybe you were trying on shirts in the dressing room. When you came out, you forgot to take the shirt off. It just didn’t cross your mind. Do you deserve to get arrested if they accuse you of trying to steal the shirt, all because you forgot you were wearing it?

If the store security officers see either of these events take place, they could assume you’re trying to steal the items. This could lead to an arrest. You know it was a simple mistake, but are they going to believe you? Suddenly, that one event could leave you facing serious charges when you never meant to do anything wrong.

Unfortunately, the authorities may not believe you when you try to explain that it was all an innocent mistake. They may think that you’re just trying to cover up the crime. This is when it’s very important for you to know about all of the criminal defense options that you have.