A Sexual Assault Charge Does Not Have to Take Hold of Your Future

A sexual assault charge is nothing to shrug off; in fact, it may be the most devastating of all criminal charges due to the effect it can have on your personal and professional life. A conviction for this type of crime could have the ability to affect not only your present life but also your future. If you find out that you are under investigation for sexual assault, you should contact an experienced sex crimes attorney as soon as possible.

A criminal charge such as sexual assault can take control of your future if mishandled. Someone with this type of conviction could end up in prison for life or be required to register as a lifetime sex offender. Either of these consequences can result in struggles to obtain a job or adequate housing due to the inability to make it through criminal background checks.

What Does Wisconsin Law Say About Sexual Assault?

It is illegal to have sexual contact with another person without proper consent. If convicted of sexual assault in Wisconsin, a person may face significant fines up to $100,000, lifetime sex offender registration, and even life imprisonment.

A Proven Defense Attorney is a Must to Protect Your Rights and Reputation

A sexual assault conviction will end your life as you know it. If you receive news that you are being charged with sexual assault, you first need to locate and speak with an experienced sexual assault attorney who has the experience you want on your side when the stakes are this high.