Are people falsely accused of domestic violence?

Nobody can dispute the fact that domestic violence exists, and it is a serious problem for countless victims across the country. However, as many Wisconsin residents are aware, there is always the possibility of being wrongfully accused of a crime. False domestic violence charges are no exception. You may wonder if you can do anything to defend yourself if you are falsely accused of domestic violence. 

Maybe someone called police to your home after an argument and arrested you, despite there having been no evidence of abuse. Law enforcement often sides with women if they are called during a dispute, regardless of whether someone was harmed. Perhaps your spouse deliberately told authorities that you posed a threat to him or her and the children. This can be done for many reasons, as Verywell Mind explains. If a divorce is imminent, your spouse may wish to have you removed from the home and to gain custody of the children. A spouse wrongfully accusing the other of domestic violence may also do so out of revenge – to undermine his or her reputation, create employment problems and damage friendships. 

It might not surprise you to learn that falsely accusing another person of domestic violence causes many problems. Not only can it create devastating damage to families and relationships with the children, it also presents issues within the justice system for real victims of domestic violence. This is a sensitive and complex area of law, which relates to both criminal defense and family law. Therefore, the information in this post is not meant to replace the advice of a lawyer.