Examining the Potential Consequences of Domestic Violence

The holiday season is capable of bringing immense joy, but it is also capable of bringing an increase in stress. That stress has been linked to an increase in domestic incidents during the time of year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

No matter the time of year, law enforcement and prosecutors will not be looking to give the accused the benefit of the doubt. They take all accusations of domestic abuse extremely seriously and will commonly pursue charges even after an alleged victim has recanted their story.

What are the potential consequences of a domestic violence arrest? Let’s divide them into three categories: legal issues, family issues and personal issues.

Legal Issues

The penalties for a domestic violence conviction are severe and including 90 days to 15 years behind bars and fines as high as $50,000.

Family Issues

Nothing is more important than your children. Unfortunately, your relationship with your children hangs in the balance when you are accused of domestic violence or battery. A conviction can lead to the loss of custody and possibly the loss of visitation. If you are going through a divorce, being accused of or convicted of domestic violence can wreak havoc on your divorce case and put you at a disadvantage as you pursue your parental rights or attempt to retain the family home.

Personal Issues

Being labeled an abuser can cause immense damage to your personal reputation and having a criminal record can make it harder to find a job. You may also lose your right to carry firearms for the rest of your life.

There is too much on the line to be without the help of an experienced defense lawyer if you have been accused of domestic violence.