Our Madison Criminal Defense Lawyers Will Defend Your Rights And Your Reputation

Few things are more upsetting and disruptive than an investigation or an arrest in connection with a crime. For many charges, the stakes are high, if not life-changing: They can include monumental fines, jail or prison terms and a permanent criminal record that can lock you out of the job, college or professional license you want.

Stroud, Willink & Howard Criminal Defense Group has successfully handled thousands of criminal cases. We work with clients throughout central and southern Wisconsin charged with a wide spectrum of crimes. We can intervene at any stage of your case, from the initial arrest to a jury trial. Our criminal defense attorneys understand both criminal law and the science of evaluating evidence. We will use this to scrutinize the prosecution’s case against you and challenge any mistakes it or law enforcement may have made. We always seek your best outcome, which means if a dismissal or reduction of charges is possible, we employ the strategies that are most likely to bring that about.

Protecting Wisconsin Clients Against Misdemeanor And Felony Charges

Wisconsin’s punishments for many crimes can be severe, even if it is a charge that is technically a misdemeanor. We can handle these case types, among many others:

Our practice is known throughout central Wisconsin for our willingness and dedication to fight for our clients even after a conviction has been handed down. We represent cases before Wisconsin’s Court of Appeals and the Wisconsin Supreme Court. We also help eligible clients obtain relief under the sex offender registry laws. For those clients who are eligible for expungement of their convictions, we walk them step by step through every part of that process.

Do Not Delay Getting Help With Your Criminal Case

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