An Advocate and Companion for Your Criminal Appeal

There may be nothing more upsetting and hurtful than hearing that a jury of your peers has found you to be guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. The finality of it can be jarring as you consider spending a considerable portion of your life in prison as a result of their judgment only to be greeted with the complications of a criminal record once you are released.

This is not necessarily the end. It may be possible for you to appeal your criminal case if procedural errors, ineffective counsel or other troubling factors played a role in your conviction. At Stroud, Willink & Howard Criminal Defense Group LLC, we are well known throughout Wisconsin for our commitment to fighting for clients even after a conviction has been handed down.

Grounds for Appeal

“I think the jury got it wrong” is not grounds for a criminal appeal. An appeal must be based on specific legal grounds that are recognized by the appellate courts.

Grounds for appeal include:

  • Errors made or discretion abused by the lower court
  • Verdict unsupported by the weight of the evidence presented in the case
  • Ineffective assistance of counsel

We can help you determine if grounds exist for an appeal and pursue any post-conviction relief you are eligible for. We have experience pursing appeals before Wisconsin’s Court of Appeals and the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

It Is Time to Stop Worrying and Take Action

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