Our Madison Attorneys Defend Your Reputation And Freedom Against Sexual Assault Charges

Few criminal charges are as damaging to your reputation and your future as a charge of sexual assault. The stigma surrounding people that are even accused of this type of crime means you need to challenge the charges against you to clear your name. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you have the best chance possible against an accusation.

Get A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Since many people will assume you are guilty before you are convicted of anything, it is essential to seek the advice of an attorney as soon as possible. Our criminal defense attorneys. can provide you with a strong defense based on our skill and experience in criminal law. In addition to researching the date rape case against you for weak areas and mistakes, we can evaluate your situation and make you aware of your legal options.

Protect Your Rights

Before you talk to a lawyer, do not speak to any law enforcement representative. Without legal counsel, you may make statements that you could unintentionally give the police information that could get used against you.

Fight Against Damaging Consequences

Because one of the consequences of a sexual assault conviction is lifetime registration as a sex offender, our firm will fight to establish your innocence through evidence of an alibi or consent. If you receive a guilty charge for a sex crime, we will advocate minimizing penalties against you.

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