Aggressively Defending Against White Collar Criminal Charges

While the word “crime” is often associated with violent criminal acts, non-violent crimes involving professionals and productive members of society are far from uncommon. If you face “white collar” charges such as fraud, it is important to have the representation of a criminal defense attorney with experience handling these complex cases.

In Madison and throughout central Wisconsin, you can turn to the proven defense attorneys at Stroud, Willink & Howard Criminal Defense Group LLC to protect your rights, your reputation and your future in the face of aggressive prosecution.

Our White Collar Defense Practice

We defend against a wide range of white collar criminal charges at the state and federal level, including:

  • Money laundering
  • Embezzlement
  • Bribery or extortion
  • Identify theft
  • Mail fraud or wire fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Healthcare fraud

Our firm has the experience and resources necessary to defend you in state or federal courts throughout Wisconsin.

Early Intervention Is Important

These are serious charges that can result in large fines and long prison sentences. It is important to have an attorney working to defend you as soon as possible when you find out you are under investigation or are served with an indictment. The time for talking is over; it is time to let an experienced defense attorney do the talking for you.

Put an Experienced Advocate on Your Side

You do not have time to waste if you face white collar criminal charges. The prosecution is already building a case with the aim of putting you behind bars. Call 608-257-2281 now to schedule your free initial consultation.