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There are many reasons why someone would choose to flee their native country in order to seek a better life elsewhere. Many immigrants are fleeing war as refugees from their home land. Others come to a new nation seeking work, with hopes of having the ability to provide for their family. In some cases, people venture in to the United States of America with hopes of obtaining access to civil and social rights that may have been denied to them abroad otherwise because of religious persecution, gender based violence, or other issues of caste and class that can effect somoenes quality of life. No matter who you are or where you are born, we believe that every human being deserves a fair chance at life, and we will continue to do everything in our power to be an advocate for communities who feel voiceless or have been silenced. With consistent political discord in out state and local governments, issues relating to immigration are often matters of highly contested debate. While these topics are often discussed though, resolutions unfortunately are rarely reached at the state and federal level. Litigation can ensue, with proceedings taking months and even years. All the while, the immigrants who are already in this country, working hard and simply trying to survive, are left hanging in the balance. We believe that this notion is unacceptable, and are doing our due diligence to ensure that immigrants who may happy to be in or passing through Masido Wisconsin have the accurate access to resources that can be a determining factor in their ability to stay in this country. Most cases of immigration compliance are heavily swayed by weather or not the individual has had a consultation with an attorney. Proper legal services can be a game changer in naturalization applications. Experienced immigration attorneys with years of experience in their field will do their due diligence in order to assist their clients and their families in getting their green cards, in order to extend their stay in the United States, while giving them time to formulate a permanent plan for residency and employment in the long term. As growing uncertainty about immigration status continues, persons wanting to become permanent residents in the United States need experienced legal advice more than ever. To any immigrant who may be reading this, or to anyone who knows an immigrant friend or coworker, or could share with someone dealing with immigration issues, please know that help is available. There are passionate attorneys in your community who will be an advocate for you, and support you with the compassionate care that you deserve, as well as standing up on firm two feet against any opposition that may try to hinder your journey towards safety and citizenship. Regardless of someones background or situation, we believe that every potential client deserves the same quality level of service and respect. From the moment of initial consultation, and throughout the process in its entirety, our legal team will be available in order to offer legal advice, and help remove some of the burden off of your shoulders during what we know can already be such a stressful and unprecedented time. Know that we empathize with you, and that your success is our success, and greatest pride and joy. We have a reputation that precedes us, helping clients just like you find comfort and relief. Stroud, Willink & Howard Criminal Defense Group LLC’s knowledge and skill with immigration law matters can make a positive difference in your life. Our Wisconsin law firm helps clients with immigration cases such as:

We can help you follow the right steps to meet your goal of legal residency in the United States.

Helping Crime Victims

Our Madison-based law firm wants to give you a chance at a better life. If you are a crime victim that has suffered abuse and violence, helping law enforcement can be a chance to stay in America through the U Visa program.

Defending Against Deportation

Our firm practices both immigration law and criminal defense, so we are uniquely qualified to represent immigrants with criminal charges that may result in deportation. We will explain your options and always advocate for your best interests.

Immigrant Visas For Family

We can help you understand the family-based visa process and make sure your applications are correct and complete. Whether you want to bring immediate or extended family to live with you in the United States, an attorney from our firm can explain your options.

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