Immigration Status And Criminal Convictions

Now more than ever, if you are an immigrant, it is essential not to have a criminal record. Stroud, Willink & Howard Criminal Defense Group LLC attorneys work hard to advocate for your rights. Our goal is to resolve your criminal charges without a conviction.

What If I Have A Green Card?

Even if you have a green card, getting a criminal conviction means that you can be deported as a result. It makes sense to try all legal approaches to clear your name so that you may remain in the United States.

Should I Plead Guilty To A Lesser Charge?

What if the prosecutor offers you a plea bargain that will give you little or no jail time if you plead guilty to a lesser offense? It may be tempting to accept the deal to stay out of jail or lessen your sentence. However, you will still have a conviction, and that makes it possible for you to get deported. You should seek a lawyer’s advice if you get offered a plea deal.

Benefit From Our Knowledge

Our lawyers are experienced in both criminal and immigration law. They can advise you about what steps are the best to take in your situation.

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