Our Wisconsin OWI Lawyers Take A Science-Based Approach To Defending Drunk Driving Cases

While Wisconsin has a different term for drunk driving — operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or OWI, rather than DUI or DWI — it imposes the same strict punishments if you are convicted. Adults over 21 can be charged with OWI if their blood alcohol content is above .08 percent; commercial drivers can be charged with a BAC of just .04 percent. Minors are expected to be alcohol-free at all times while driving and can be charged with an OWI with a BAC of just .02 percent. Your driver’s license will be revoked for up to nine months for a first-time conviction, and those with prior offenses can lose their license for years. If you depend on your car to get you to work, an OWI can be a job killer.

If you have been stopped and arrested on an OWI-related charge, call Stroud, Willink & Howard Criminal Defense Group immediately. We can advise you during questioning by law enforcement. The sooner we represent you as your legal counsel, the sooner we can investigate the conduct of the police at your stop, whether field sobriety tests were used appropriately to determine if you were intoxicated and the accuracy of breath and blood tests.

Prepared To Fight For You, Regardless Of The Charges

Our firm’s attorneys understand how Wisconsin views OWI convictions and what your options are if you have repeat OWIs on your record or other factors figure into your arrest. We have successfully defended OWI charges in the following situations:

  • First-time OWI
  • Multiple/repeat OWI cases
  • OWI with injuries
  • OWI with vehicular homicide
  • Operating under the influence of drugs, including prescription drugs
  • Refusal to provide blood/breath/urine samples for BAC testing
  • OWI charges for those with commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs)
  • Boating, ATV and snowmobile cases
  • Administrative hearings to obtain an occupational license to drive to work

Our attorneys have training in the science of OWI evidence collection and will use this to aid your case. We also can help you take other steps that may lead to a dismissal or reduction of charges, such as enrolling in a qualified treatment program.

Get Back On The Road The Right Way

You do not have to, and in most cases, should not plead guilty to an OWI without receiving your day in court. Call our offices in Madison at 608-257-2281 or set up a free consultation by email. We handle OWI cases throughout central and southern Wisconsin.