Preparing a Strong Petition for Family-Based Immigration

The interview is important in petitioning your family to receive a green card. Families leaving their homeland is a big change, and many complex issues may arise. The interview process can be an area that you will excel in.

Familiarize Yourself With the Interview Process

Take some time to research other people’s interview experiences. There are common questions that you make be asked that you can study and prepare for. Depending on the details of your family’s immigration, questions and answers will vary. Consider what “red flags” could potentially be questioned during the interview. Preparing thorough, knowledgeable answers to the hard-hitting questions could prompt a good outcome for your family’s residency status.

Review your documents and application well. You must know the information you have written on your application. You might not be considered for a green card if there are any inconsistencies with your application and interview. You must be honest and understand the green card requirements.

Know Your Rights

There are certain rights you have as an interviewee. There are limits to what you can say during the interview. Hiring an attorney to be present during the interview can help reduce stress. Although an attorney can’t answer any questions for you, they can help oversee the interview and follow up with you about what to expect next.

You also have the right not to sign any papers. This is another good reason why having an attorney present is beneficial. An attorney can review the documents that the interviewer requests you to sign. You and your attorney can discuss what the documents mean for you and decide whether or not to sign them.

Confidence and Honesty

Interviewers are looking for good candidates to receive a green card. The way you present yourself affects the outcome of the interview. By preparing for the interview, you can go into it confidently. An interviewer wants to see you know what you’re talking about. Speaking clearly at a good volume, along with positive body language and eye contact, will let the interviewer know you deserve permanent residency.

You must answer all questions accurately. You do not want to get caught in a lie. Being transparent about your situation lets the interviewer understand your case for what it is. Lying isn’t deserving of a green card. Avoid exaggerating your circumstances. Give yourself time after each question is asked to gather your thoughts and explain things correctly.

Nailing your green card interview will benefit you and your family. The lengthy process of receiving a green card is tedious, but a successful interview has the power to show your humanity to the interviewer. Let the interview be the easiest part for you and your family. Don’t hesitate to contact an experienced immigration lawyer.