The Best Way To Make It Go Away

No one likes filling out paperwork, making phone calls, meeting with attorneys or spending time in a courthouse. Those various disliked circumstances and duties lay the foundation for a desire to “just make this go away” after being cited for a traffic violation.

Unfortunately, simply paying the fine and walking away from the situation is an invitation for bigger problems in the future. The best way to actually make things go away is to tackle them head on with the help of an experienced traffic defense lawyer.

“I can afford the ticket. What’s the big deal?”

It is not a question of what you can afford; it is a question of what the future consequences will be when compounded on top of your current ticket. Wisconsin has a points system that applies demerit points to your driver’s license. Penalties can increase as points accumulate and accumulating too many points within a year can result in the suspension of your driver’s license.

Wisconsin, by and large, is not an overly friendly place to rely on public transportation. This leads people to take the risk of driving without a valid license, which can result in expensive fines and their driver’s license being revoked completely. Simply paying the fine in an attempt to make your ticket go away exposes you to points as well as harsher consequences for future traffic citations.

If you truly want to make it go away, your best course of action is to mount an aggressive defense against every traffic citation – no matter how seemingly small it is at the time. A knowledgeable defense lawyer from our firm can help you protect your driving record and future while limiting your need to appear in court.