What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal conviction can change the entire trajectory of your life – even for a relatively minor crime. In many cases, the mere existence of a conviction on your record can result in professional and personal difficulties that are extremely difficult to overcome. For this reason, if you are facing criminal charges of any kind, it is highly advisable to retain an attorney as soon as possible.

But how do you find the right lawyer for you? Here are some of the things you should consider when looking for a criminal attorney to represent you.

Experience in Criminal Defense

The first thing you should consider when evaluating a lawyer to represent you in a criminal matter is experience. The reality is that much of being an effective lawyer is learned by actually practicing law – after law school. Working with a new lawyer or one that does not have a significant amount of experience can result in a less favorable outcome than you would obtain by working with someone with more practice experience.

A Track Record of Successful Outcomes

Secondly, you should ask any attorney you meet with if they have successfully handled cases similar to yours in the past. While every case is different, there are very few that actually present new or novel legal matters. For example, an attorney who has successfully handled OWI cases in the past likely knows strategies that are likely to achieve a particular outcome. The same is true for various other types of cases. For this reason, you should look for a lawyer that regularly handles cases like yours.

A Communication Style that Works for You

You should also look for an attorney that communicates in a way that you are comfortable with. In a criminal case, you could be working with your lawyer for a few months or even a year or more. In addition, you may need to disclose personal or sensitive information to your attorney, so it’s important to work with someone you are comfortable with.

Relatedly, you should also discuss how the lawyer prefers to communicate with clients. Some attorneys like to delegate client communication to staff members, while others handle it themselves. He or she may have a strong preference for email, while others may feel comfortable with texting. Make sure to discuss how the lawyer likes to communicate before hiring anyone, as it can make a significant difference in how smoothly your working relationship goes moving forward.

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