Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry

With the existence of the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry, anyone with internet access is able to conduct an easy search, in order to find a list of the registered sex offenders in their area. What does this history of widespread access to the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry entail?

A wave of outrage in the United States followed two federal sex crimes cases, as citizens came to the realization there were sex offenders living in their area without their knowledge. In 1997, Wisconsin followed other states’ path in the initiation of a public registry.

If you are charged with a crime of sexual assault, your freedom and reputation are ultimately on the line. Easy access to the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry via internet search will greatly taint your reputation, creating issues when searching for jobs or relocating to new neighborhoods. It is paramount to contact an experienced criminal defense team who will aggressively defend your rights and guide your livelihood.